Saturday, April 16

On Saturday 17 junior players met for a lesson from Ron Perry on the bidding conventions of Stayman and Jacoby Transfers played in response to partner’s opening bid of one notrump (1NT).  Five of the players from the HHI Bridge Club: Marion Fletcher, Eileen Griffin, Carol Kerr, Florence Luba and Carol Williams assisted the students as they bid and played pre-delt hands showing the workings of the bidding agreements.  Several parents and brothers and sisters of the students, also joined in the fun.  Our juniors are doing a great job of learning the bidding and play of our wonderful game.

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Saturday, April 2

With almost a year into the HHJB program, the Saturday morning workshops continue to grow and diversify.  April 2 there were 5 tables of bridge in play.  Three tables were the younger bridge players (7, 8, 9 and 10 year olds) who learned to play bridge this last year and now know enough to play with some adult supervision.   This last week Ron Danilwitz and Lowry Miller were seen working with this group.  Thanks to all of our volunteer helpers who come on Saturday morning to work with the kids.

One table was made up of 12 year olds from HIlon Head Prep who often spend Friday nights at one of their homes and then come to play bridge on Saturday morning.   One of this group took classes from Peggy Gibson and three of this group are new to bridge.  Fred Ferguson is working to fast-track this group to get them playing bridge as fast as possible.  

Finally, the last group were from the St. Gregory School program.  Ron Perry and Terry O’Neill were working to teach this group to play the convention Jacoby 2NT.

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Friends of HHJB – Special Game

On Sunday, March 20 HHJB and HHI Bridge Club sponsored a special ACBL Grand National Teams qualifying game in support of junior bridge programs.  The GNT is a major team championship conducted with qualifying rounds in clubs, units and/or districts, leading to a final round held in conjunction with the ACBL Summer Nationals.

Twenty teams participated in the game including two teams with players from the HHJB program.  The game was won by our very on Ron Perry’s team and the team consisting of the O’Neills and Sean Kelley & Emily Mucci finished 5th  overall and won 1.97 red/black masterpoints.   Congratulations to Sean and Emily who bid and made 2 slams in the final round of the game.  click here to see game results!

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Teach Me To Play

This is a great first bridge book especially for younger players to learn to play bridge.  It is written as an illustrated activity book, and has lots of “to-do” type learning tools such as puzzles, exercises, quizzes, etc.  This book teaches basic Standard American: 5-card majors, 13 point opening bids, 1NT (15-17 hcp), constructive limit bids and strong 2-bids.  The only bidding convention presented is Stayman.  The book teachers some basic mechanics of play, finding fits, and the preliminaries of hand evaluation - high card points, but nothing about shortness.

HHJB has obtained a number of these books from the publisher and are available for $15.00 each.  Here are a few sample pages from Teach Me To Play:
The Opening Bid | The Mini Opener | The Medium Opener | The Maxi Opener

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HHI Non-Life Master

On Saturday, March 12 Hilton Head Junior Bridge sponsored our first junior bridge section in tournament play at the HHI Non-Life Master Tournament. There were 4 tables of junior bridge kids in play ranging in age from 8 to 14 years old (see photo below).  It was a shame that many of our regular Saturday players were out of town this week on spring break. 

We played a Howell (1-winner) movement and the kids did great with a complex movement to follow and scoring on pick-up slips for the first time.  About half of the kids who played were new to learning bridge in 2010 and the other half were experienced players from the St. Gregory school program run by Terry and Bobbie O’Neill. It is our plan to run a junior bridge section in all future local sponsored tournaments. 

HHJB Masterpoint Winners
  0.96  Sophia Disario,  Bluffton SC
  0.96  Anna Schidrich,  Bluffton SC
  0.86  Parker Kenyon,  Bluffton SC
  0.86  Konnor Rustad,  Okatie SC
  0.65  Sean Kelley,  Bluffton SC
  0.65  Emily Mucci,  Bluffton SC
← click on trophy for Junior Bridge section results

Be sure to see the related post Sportsmanship (see below) on these kids’ courage and awarding of our first Sportsmanship Awards.

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Junior Bridge Players

 HHJB participants in the Spring 2011 HHI Non Life Master Tournament.

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Sportsmanship Award

On Saturday morning, March 12th, Hilton Head Junior Bridge members participated in the Hilton Head Non-Life Master Bridge Tournment.  This was the first major event for the young students and 16 players between tne ages of 8 and 14 showed up for the competition.  The juniors had their own event and after an 18 hand game, winners were announced, trophys and master points awarded, and pictures taken.  After most had left, it was discovered that a scoring error had taken place (no fault of the players) and the standings  had changed.  Anna and Sophia had been first and awarded the first place trophies.  The change dropped them to third, with Konnor and Parker,the new first place pair.  Anna and Sophia graciously gave their trophys to Konnor and Parker and  said they understood that errors occur and did not want to win if they didn’t earn it.  For this Anna and Sophia have been awarded our first Terry O’Neil Sportsmanship Award. Our young players are learning a great game, but already have a wonderful understanding of life.  Awards > Sportsmanship

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Jacoby 2NT

Here are the notes from the Thursday, March 3 after game mini-lesson on Jacoby 2NT.  ← click info  While you are here visiting HH Jr. Bridge, please take a miniute to look around and come visit us … we play on Saturdays at the HHI Bridge Club from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.

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Phil Monyer

Phil Monyer from Harrisburg, PA was the guest teacher on Saturday, February 24.  Two of Phil’s former students are Ron Perry (our very own Mr. Ron) and Sharon Osberg (who is the bridge coach for Bill Gates and Warren Buffet).  Here is Mr. Ron introducing Phil to HHJB.
←click on photos to enlarge

Phil’s lesson on Saturday was that an opening bid shows a good hand (at least 12-13 hcp) but not necessarily a good suit (an opening bid shows suit length).  On the other hand an overcall of opponent’s opening bid does not necessarily show a good hand (maybe as low as 8 hcp) but does show a good suit something like AQJ95 or KQT95 (one you certainly want partner to lead).

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Winter 2011 Class Schedule

HHJB will conduct a new program of classes and games from Saturday, January 11 through Saturday, May 28, 2011.  Classes are fun and informative where students each week learn a little and play a lot.  On the last Saturday of each month HHJB will conduct a mini-tournament to get players accustom to playing in competitive game situations. 

For additional information click on flyer or call Ron Perry at 681-4192.

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